Hey, I heard that sigh. Yeah, you did sigh when you read the title, right?
It’s okay, I understand. Beef bourguignon is “played-out” by this point in the blogosphere. But look, I am not some crazy woman frantically trying to plow my way thru a cookbook for some insane stunt.


Oh Hell No


In case you didn’t know, Beef Bourguignon is not only hella good, it’s really easy to make. Just take a nice cut of beef (shoulder works great), cook it in some red wine, veal stock, carrots and onion, then blammo! You have tender beef packed with flavor.


Beef Bourguignon on top of homemade egg noodles


And here’s the real secret: If you let this dish set up overnight, the flavors infuse more and the stock takes hold to create an insanely full-bodied sauce, making this dish even  better.

Plenty of recipes for Beef Bourguignon abound, but here is the classic.